Business Name: Radiant Health Imaging Inc.

Address: 206 E. Burlington Ste. #3, Fairfield, Iowa

Phone: 1-866-240-9659   Fax: 1-641-469-6081




Practice Type: Clinical Thermography

Services Offered:

Radiant Health Imaging offers digital infrared thermal imaging for pain, injuries and pathology. Appointments available daily, Monday through Thursday. Educational presentations on DITI are once a month, the public is invited. With a focus on prevention, RHI also promotes the “5 A DAY” program, eat your colors everyday through fruits and veggies. And for those that find it difficult RHI makes Juice PLUS+ available. Check out the growing body of clinical research being conducted on this whole-food supplement at
“If you don’t take care of the body you are in, where else are you going to live?

Practice Bio:

Radiant Health Imaging, Inc. was established in January 2006 in Fairfield, IA to service southeastern Iowa. The office is charming yet professional and clients feel very much at home. May 2006, a satellite clinic will be opening in Coralville to service the population of the corridor of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. RHI is dedicated to not only making DITI available and affordable but also promoting awareness about the benefits of thermography among consumers, healthcare practitioners and insurance companies.

Staff Members:

Pam Ryerse is a certified clinical thermographer and owner of Radiant Health Imaging. She is retired from the medical laboratory technology field after a 25 year career. She received her education at the School of Healthcare Sciences, Sheppard AFB, TX and Malcolm Grow Medical Center, Andrews AFB, Washington DC. After 4 yrs of active duty with the US Air Force, Pam was honorably discharged and joined the Air National Guard serving as supervisor of laboratory services, 157th Medical Squadron, Pease ANG Base in NH for 16 years. Upon her retirement in 1997, she received the Meritorious Service Medal for her contribution to an excellent clinic rating by operating one of only 3 ANG labs in the country. In her civilian career, living on the seacoast of New Hampshire, she designed and built small physician office laboratories in the greater Boston Area. Pam was an associate member of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists. After several years of retirement from the medical field, Pam got excited about the field of thermal imaging and attended training for thermography under the auspices of the American College of Clinical Thermology in December 2005 at Duke University Medical Center.